Almost a year ago to this day, on May 11th 2012, I spent 36 hours in labor with my son. As a first time mother I was nervous, excited and anxious – hoping that everything would go smoothly, and so excited to meet him for the first time.

In some ways the launching of Googaro has felt similar to the birth of my son. Almost a year in creation, there has been the worry that comes with launching any new startup, accompanied with the excitement and knowledge that I was creating something new. I have immersed myself in finding the best, safest, and most stylish items on the market – ones that I would recommend in a heartbeat to my friends who are new parents, and that I could stand behind. It has been an exhausting, but exhilarating process.

So how did the idea of Googaro start? One day a friend who was due in a few weeks asked if I could recommend a baby book – and that question made me laugh. Just one? I had a huge stack by my bed that was growing daily! As we talked, I voiced my concerns and exhaustion about the endless options out there, and joked that I wished I had a personal assistant who could research all of this stuff for us. Find the best baby books, the best bath wash, the safest and cutest organic baby clothes. “Isn’t there something out there that can help mothers find the best products on the market?” my friend asked. And thus, the idea of Googaro was born.

With all of the endless baby supply options out there, I want to make your life simpler. Every month we will ship you a box of carefully curated products tailored to your child’s age and needs. With top brands for your baby in every box, the Googaro team selects a great mix of cute and practical products to make your job as a mother just a little easier. And with naptimes, messy meals, and sleepless nights, we know that it’s these little things that help make a difference.

I would not have been able to get through those first few months of m without my friends who were also parents helping me along the way. Their recommendations of products, their support, and their encouragement was invaluable. And that strength is what I hope to share with you. So let’s keep the conversation going! If you have any products you think we should carry, or suggestions on how to make Googaro better, please reach out to us at info@googaro.com.

Give yourself a birthday present every month with Googaro – a gift for you, and a gift for your baby. Because really? We all deserve the best.

meg picMeghna Prasad is the founder of Googaro, a premium subscription service for parents of tots newborn – three years of age.


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