Googaro Week in Review: 7/14/13 – 7/20/13

googaro blog

In case your toddler was on your computer more than you were last week, here are all the fun things that happened in the world of Googaro:

We shared a yummy recipe we found for bow ties with sugar snaps, lemon, and ricotta – perfect for a hot summer evening!

The New York Mom wrote a lovely post about receiving her first Googabox!

We love working with Babyganics, because their products are safe and non-toxic!.  We had a lot of great feedback about their Fabric and Nursery Freshener!

nursery freshener


Googaro was in the news!  Read all about it in this week’s online Staten Island Advance!

We sent a Googabox as a thank you and Allison Road wrote all about how fun it was to open with her son!

This article cracked us up, because seriously some of the things we get used to as parents are gross!

Fun!  5 wardrobe pieces that every mom should own!  How many do you already own?

No-bake raspberry cheesecake in a jar?  Adorable, refreshing, and super easy!

Don’t miss out!  Just 4 more days to order our exclusive 1 month boxes in time for August shipment!

Join us this week for more fun, tips, trends, and news from the world of Googaro on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest!  See you there!


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