Googaro Week in Review: 8/11/13 – 8/18/13

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Hopefully you are napping when baby naps!  In which case, you may have missed some of the fun items we’ve been sharing!  Here’s a recap of all that happened last week in the world of Googaro:

Monday August 12, 2013 was National Middle Child day!  Here you will find some perspective on being a middle child from PBS Kids.  We’d love to hear your tips for how you carve out special time alone with each of your kids!

Also on Monday, Googaro’s August boxes shipped!  Yippee!  Be sure you sign up here for your subscription so that you don’t miss out on September!

Check out this Googaro write up on Real Mom Media!

How cool are these green sprouts® compressed wipes? Offering them in our Googaboxes was a no-brainer since all green sprouts products are free from PVC, BPA, and formamides.
On Wednesday we asked if you had anyone other than your partner join you in the delivery room!  We loved all the answers we got – seems like a lot of delivery rooms are stuffed full of love!
The Mama Maven’s Googaro post has a great video included!  Check it out!
Click here to try out a 1 month Googaro box and see what all the fuss is about!  Be sure to use promo code FABFINDS and you’ll get 10% off!  Woo hoo!
We found a list of 51 must have children’s books!  Is your child’s favorite included?
Another fab write-up of Googaro by Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!  AND she included a coupon code for your use!
Last but not least, congratulations to Andrea!  She is the final winner of our Nouri Bars giveaway and will be receiving two free, yummy Nouri bars!
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Googaro Week in Review: 8/3/13 – 8/10/13

googaro blogWe would hate to think that while changing a diaper you missed out on any of the fun things happening in the world of Googaro!  So here is our friendly weekly recap:

Here are some great ideas for back-to-school traditions to begin with your little ones.  Did you have any back-to-school traditions growing up that you plan on passing down to your own kids?

We have one more fun Nouri Bars giveaway coming up on Monday 8/12/13!  The winner of this week’s giveaway is Brittany W!  We can’t wait for her to try her yummy Nouri Bars!  Be sure to like us on Facebook so that you don’t miss out on a chance to win!

We found 3 tips for keeping a (semi) tidy house with a newborn!

We also found these braided do’s that left us inspired! But why let the little ones have all the fun? Some of these would look great on mom too!

We love the clean, modern designs of Boon Inc. products! Their Scrubble Bath Squirt Toy set is fun to play with and look at!

Boon Inc. Scrubble Bath Toys

Boon Inc. Scrubble Bath Toys

Wednesday August 7, 2013 was the last day of World Breastfeeding Week . . . to help wrap up the week here are some celeb quotes about motherhood and breastfeeding!  We also put up an interesting poll on Facebook asking if you were visited by a lactation consultant after you gave birth.  Click here to see the range of answers we got!

This will probably happen when your Googabox arrives:

googaro box

Googaro is featured on as one of a few Favorite Baby Items!

Disney’s new movie “Planes” hit theaters Friday!  Are you planning to see it?

Adorable, homemade Monkey cake perfect for a first birthday!  Are you planning to make your child’s first birthday cake?

Important Googaro update: In our ongoing quest to make Googaro a wonderful and fun experience, we’ve decided to change carriers. This month’s boxes will be shipped August 12 (that’s tomorrow!) We’ve got some fabulous products for you this month! Enjoy!

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Googaro Week in Review: 7/28/13 – 8/2/13

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So much happened this week in the world of Googaro that if your baby spit up even once we’re sure you might have missed something!  Here’s our weekly roundup of the fun stuff we’ve been sharing:

This week we shared the exciting news that we have partnered with with the fabulous (and yummy!) makers of Nouri bars! To help celebrate, we will be giving away 2 bars every Monday for the next 3 weeks on Facebook!  The winner of our first giveaway was Jill and we can’t wait for her to try her bars!

This quote really resonated with us . . . 

Mother holding newborn baby girl


We shared some healthy snack recommendations from the Nouri blog!

The blog Cup of Jo has been sharing a fascinating series on what it is like to raise children in various other countries from the perspective of American women.  

The Talking Walnut blog had a great write-up on Googaro this week!  Thanks!  XO

We love this article on what it means when a mother asks for a break!

A Googaro subscription makes a unique, fun gift to give at a baby shower!  Be sure to place your order for any upcoming showers you’ve been invited to!

Friday was National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!  (Super fun holiday!)  Here are some yummy ice cream sandwich recipes!

Hard to believe, but school will be starting again soon.  Did you have any back to school traditions growing up that you will be sharing with your children?

World Breastfeeding Week kicked off on Thursday and we asked our fans to share with us their favorite nursing cover!  They had a LOT of great suggestions!  Be sure to Like us on  Facebook and be a part of a growing, supportive community of parents!

Can’t wait to share with you this week and select a new winner of 2 free Nouri bars!  Have a great one!

Googaro Week in Review: 7/21/13 – 7/27/13

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Did your little one skip a nap this week?  In case you were unable to see all the fun we had last week, here’s a quick recap!

Did you know that July 21 is National Ice Cream Day?  Hope you were able to snag a free cup or cone!

This made us chuckle!

gamesWho doesn’t love Calvin and Hobbes?  Calvin is the most amazing little boy!  here’s info on a new documentary coming out about Bill Watterson, Calvin’s creator.

The Hatch blog on wrote about what a great gift Googaro makes for expectant moms!  Thanks!  XO

Be sure your TV’s are anchored down!  Falling TV’s send a child to the ER every 30 minutes.  Scary!

The royal baby has arrived!  What do you think of his name, Prince George Alexander Louis?

Speaking of the little Prince, it seems he loves aden+anais products as much Googaro does!

Check out these adorable cupcakes decorated to look like mini watermelons!  Cutest summer treat!

Great tips on how to build “community” in your neighborhood!  Love it!

Hope to see you next week!  August boxes are shipping soon!  Be sure you’ve placed your order!  XO



Googaro Week in Review: 7/14/13 – 7/20/13

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In case your toddler was on your computer more than you were last week, here are all the fun things that happened in the world of Googaro:

We shared a yummy recipe we found for bow ties with sugar snaps, lemon, and ricotta – perfect for a hot summer evening!

The New York Mom wrote a lovely post about receiving her first Googabox!

We love working with Babyganics, because their products are safe and non-toxic!.  We had a lot of great feedback about their Fabric and Nursery Freshener!

nursery freshener


Googaro was in the news!  Read all about it in this week’s online Staten Island Advance!

We sent a Googabox as a thank you and Allison Road wrote all about how fun it was to open with her son!

This article cracked us up, because seriously some of the things we get used to as parents are gross!

Fun!  5 wardrobe pieces that every mom should own!  How many do you already own?

No-bake raspberry cheesecake in a jar?  Adorable, refreshing, and super easy!

Don’t miss out!  Just 4 more days to order our exclusive 1 month boxes in time for August shipment!

Join us this week for more fun, tips, trends, and news from the world of Googaro on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest!  See you there!

Googaro Week in Review 7/7/13 – 7/13/13

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Was your little ankle-biter biting your ankles while you were trying to have fun on the internet?  No need to worry!   Here’s all the fun stuff Googaro shared this week:

Mom’s Favorite Stuff wrote about receiving her Googaro box!

The mom from The Cat in the Hat defends herself.  We know it’s just a fictional character, but who else agrees that this sort of behavior is almost expected from Dad!  😉

We love offering products from companies like Burt’s Bees, that care about the ingredients used in baby skin care.

Do you follow any celeb moms on Instagram?  If so, share with us your favorites so we can follow along too!

Our One Month boxes are back!  Perfect for gifts or testing out our subscription service!

Our July boxes are causing a lot of excitement!  Mama Not Martha shared all about receiving her new box!  Green Days Blue Waves also wrote about receiving her new box AND is hosting a fun giveaway!

Celebrity mom Ali Landry delivered her newborn son the other day, on his older sister’s birthday!  We are curious: do any of your children share the same birthday?

Has your little one opened up his/her newest Googabox yet? We’d love to see photos of your cutie opening up or enjoying all the goodies! Please share with us on Facebook or Twitter!

Googaro Week in Review 7/1/13 – 7/6/13

googaro blogKids are adorable, but let’s face it . . . they demand a LOT of time.  Loudly.  They loudly demand a lot of time, and cookies, and juice refills, and anything else that strikes their fancy!  So in case you missed out on any of the fun that Googaro likes to share with you, here’s a quick recap from this week:

As if you couldn’t tell, here are 10 signs that your sweet baby is becoming a (gulp!) toddler.

We love the companies we’ve partnered with to bring you the best baby gear!  Rich Frog makes the most super adorable toys, like this soft squeaky giraffe:

giraffeTake a break from the same boring old bbq routine and try out this yummy, kid-friendly Teriyaki Chicken Burger!

Speaking of barbecues, if you’re looking to keep a group of kids busy at a summer cook-out, this tricycle car wash is fun for a large age range!

If you’re heading out on a road trip this summer, here are some great tips for keeping kids busy (and parents sane!) in the car!

How much do you think about your family’s environmental impact?  Do you recycle, shop for green cleaning products, carpool?  Here is the story of one mom who decided she would raise her child to leave behind zero carbon footprint!  It’s a lot tougher than it sounds!

Some of our favorite pins from this week:

Over 30 fun letter activities for kids

This adorable Where the Wild Things Are nursery printable

Fun photo balloon idea for a birthday party

And last, but definitely not least, we shared a new promo code!  Visit and use promo code JULY10 to receive 10% off!

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Top Tips For Infant Dental Care

1.  At what age should a child first visit the dentist?
In order to truly focus on a prevention based approach to dental health, it is important for the child’s first visit to be around the first birthday.  Some kids that are one may only have 4-6 teeth in their mouth, but starting the conversation at this stage and discussing diet, hygiene, home-care, brushing techniques, tooth brush sizes, etc. at this age is the foundation towards a ‘no cavity’ child.

2.  What is the best way to prepare a child for a dentist visit?
The best thing you can do is NOT over-prepare your child for their first dental visit.  Children know when parents are anxious and your anxiousness will unknowingly brush off on your child.  Treat the dental visit like any other adventure that your child might embark on, a first hair-cut, a first visit to the swimming pool or a visit to a new friend’s house. Explaining simply that they were going to meet the dentist and the dentist helps us keep our teeth clean is enough.  If your first visit is when the child is older, then perhaps reading a book about going to the dentist might help.

3.  What advice do you give to parents of children who seem afraid of the dentist?
Our generation is afraid of the dentist because of our own biasesInfant cleans teeth and experiences.  Dentistry has changed so much over the years and there is NO reason for pain/discomfort anymore.  Allowing your child to have their own dental experience and not ‘brainwashing’ them with your own opinions will give them the foundation to be more accepting and excited about their first encounter at the dental office.  Research your provider instead, find a reputable children’s dental office and trust the dental team to lead the way.  This will make all the difference towards your child’s attitude towards their own teeth and health.

4.  When searching for a pediatric dentist, what are some questions a parent should ask?
Children do best in an environment that is meant for children.  Although family dentists are completely capable of seeing children, sometimes it is intimidating for a child to walk into an office that might cater to both adults and children.  A Pediatric dentist in addition to being a dentist has had at least 2-years of additional training in managing infants and children including child psychology, behavior management and age-appropriate modifications in treatment.  Parents should find research a pediatric dentist online to ensure that their personal philosophy is in line with that of the office that will take care of their child’s teeth.  Visit the office and allow yourself and your staff to be open to the first visit.  Listen, observe the interaction, recommendations, follow-up and then you will know if that office is for your family.  If not, find a better fit elsewhere.

5.  Can you offer parents some tips on how to encourage lifelong healthy dental habits in their children?
Dental decay is a preventable condition, yet it is the second most common illness of childhood.  In general, a healthy diet, high in fiber and low in sugars, drinking water after meals/snacks, daily brushing with an age-appropriate tooth paste and brush and simple and extremely effective ways to get started on the right step towards a lifetime of healthy teeth.  But remember that every child is different and there are often child-specific recommendations that your pediatric dentist will discuss with you based on the genetic predisposition for certain conditions, anatomical position of the teeth and oral habits that your child might have.

6.  What should be used to clean baby’s first teeth?
Baby teeth need the same care that adult teeth need. Cavity causing bacteria don’t know the difference between one tooth or another.  A baby tooth needs to be brushed, just like an adult tooth does.  As soon as the tooth comes into the mouth, it is susceptible to decay. Your pediatric dental office should guide you find an age-appropriate tooth brush for your child. (Finger brush when there are no teeth, then a ring brush for the front teeth only and finally different stage brushes for every age depending on which teeth are present and how closer the teeth are).  Until then, at the very least, use a wet wash-cloth to wipe the teeth after every feed/meal.

7.  How often should a child visit the dentist?
In general, with this prevention based approach in mind, your child should visit a dentist two times per year, usually every 6-months.  But again, this is different for every child. Children at low risk for decay don’t need visits as often and those with high risk or special needs might need three or more prevention based visits in their early years to ensure that home care is consistent with the risk for future problems.

8.  We’re ready for the truth: how bad are bottles and pacifiers for children’s teeth?
Bottles are NOT bad for children.  It is the contents of the bottle that cause tooth problems.  Children under age 2 that use a bottle filled with milk/juice and are allowed to drink several times a day without then having a method for cleaning the teeth afterwards, cause for carbohydrates and mild food acids from these beverages to be surrounding the soft enamel of the baby teeth.  When this continues for several days/weeks/months, cavities are inevitable.  Milk pools around the teeth since not every last drop is swallowed by a young child, causing the problem.  For a young child pacifiers don’t cause any long-term dental effects unless children continue to use them persistently beyond age 4.  Again this is very child specific, effect of the bottle/pacifier is based on frequency, duration and intensity of use and shape/size of the nipple.

9.  What foods are the worst in terms of causing cavities?
Higher the carbohydrate and sugar content of the foods, higher the risk for cavities.  The problem doesn’t seem to be eating these foods, the problem appears to be the foods sitting on the teeth and in between the teeth long after the child is finished with eating them.  We all know that hard candy and sweet beverages cause cavities because cavity causing bacteria love to live on these foods.  What is important to note that ‘healthy’ foods like dry cereal, crackers, raisins, dates, etc. are sometimes a higher contributor do decay because they tend to ‘stick’ on the teeth.  Please DO make sure your child gets these healthy foods, but then please also DO make sure that the foods are brushed off the teeth as soon as possible to avoid attracting cavity causing bacteria to feed on them.

Purva picDr. Purva Merchant is a board certified Pediatric Dental specialist, with two private children’s dental practices in the Greater Seattle area.  She is passionate about an education and prevention based approach towards dental health to ensure a lifetime of smiles for all children!
Check out her website at